People used to think that suing a pillar of the community for medical malpractice or dental malpractice was a terrible thing. This point of view was encouraged by the medical and dental professions, whose attitude was, “How can people be so ungrateful when we are dedicated to saving humanity?” And, when the doctor was a family friend and confidant, that was a valid argument.

Many Doctors are Highly-Paid Technicians

But today, that relationship is basically gone. Many doctors are highly-paid technicians, who have spent a lot of time and money being educated, so they can earn a very good living. They are super specialized, which means they are concerned with treating one part of the body or one organ, and most of them have little free time for a patient’s personal problems or anything outside their narrow field of expertise. They see patients as technical problems to be cured and gotten on their way as quickly as possible. Some doctors see as many as a 70 patients a day. How much time do you think such a doctor has to listen to your personal problems?

Even the Most Learned Professors Make Mistakes

In the past, when the doctor was the trusted family advisor, a medical malpractice or dental malpractice lawsuit was considered a breach of trust and friendship and a terrible accusation that the doctor had committed an unprofessional act. A doctor, who was sued, felt his reputation and career were on the line. Those days are gone. Today, the law recognizes that even the most learned professors make mistakes. When people are injured by medical malpractice or dental malpractice, they should be compensated.

Many Doctors are Sued, and It Does Not Hurt Their Prestige or Incomes

Even if your claim is successful, you are not going to bankrupt the doctor, or take away his home, or lifetime earnings. When a doctor is sued for medical malpractice or dental malpractice, his insurance company hires a lawyer, pays the expenses of his defense, and any settlement or judgment against him. If the doctor’s insurance company settles the case out of court, the doctor may not have to spend a single afternoon away from his office, explaining his actions in court. In fact, defense lawyers often ask the judge to issue an order that any settlement paid to a victim remain “sealed and secret”, so it is difficult or impossible to find out whether the doctor was successfully sued for malpractice, and his reputation and income remain intact. Today, many doctors are sued, and it does not hurt their prestige or their incomes.

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