Committing medical or dental malpractice always results in the patient bearing the brunt of the error through pain, suffering, and in some severe cases, death. Dental and medical malpractice cases are not unusual in Tennessee and often lead to lawsuits. JD.MD’s trustworthy medical and dental malpractice specialists offer review services and factual case assessments for your client, who is the victim of dental or medical malpractice in the state of Tennessee. JD.MD services provide the best options to seek compensation for the pain and suffering your client has experienced. The medical and dental malpractice specialists at JD.MD are fully cognizant of Tennessee’s specific requirements, regarding medical malpractice experts, with 35 years’ experience in the industry.

Dental and Medical Malpractice in Tennessee

Negligence by health care providers is the highest contributing factor to medical and dental malpractice in the state of Tennessee. Misconduct and fraud also play major roles. The state statute of limitations for medical or dental malpractice is one year from the date of injury or death. In the event of the injury or death occurring after several days, the malpractice is more difficult to validate. With many years of experience in the field, JD.MD can provide clear-cut and steadfast case assessments with medical and dental malpractice expert opinions.

Health Care in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has several densely populated cities. It is a popular and rapidly expanding state and attracts people from many walks of life, including health care professionals. Regardless of the meticulous rules in the healthcare industry, instances of dental and medical mistakes and mishaps are a fact of life. In the U.S., doctors are involved in between 15,000 and 19,000 malpractice lawsuits annually. Studies conducted by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in 2009 established that the bulk of U.S. doctors face a malpractice claim at some stage in their professional careers.

The most common dental and medical malpractice cases in Tennessee involve:

  • Medication errors;
  • Incorrect or failure of diagnoses, pre-natal diagnostic errors;
  • Continued unsuccessful treatment, or lack thereof;
  • Inappropriate use of surgical instruments, surgical errors or leaving instruments inside patients;
  • Failure to provide information regarding diagnoses;
  • Incorrectly performed treatment; and
  • Lack of informed consent.

A highly skilled malpractice specialist is required when you and your client are confronted with a medical or dental malpractice issue. JD.MD will provide you with qualified dental and medical expert witnesses, as well as on-going assistance in your case.

JD.MD Services Available in Tennessee

There is a wide range of medical and dental malpractice services available in Tennessee. JD.MD’s initial case evaluation, a Comprehensive Screening Report, is prepared by an appropriate specialist, who will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. If you proceed with a lawsuit, we also have the following services available:

  • Expert witness attorney services
  • Medical expert reviews
  • Medical and dental malpractice specialists

Contact the experts at JD.MD today for your initial evaluation and advice on your malpractice case.