Medical Malpractice Specialists in the State of Ohio

Extensive training and knowledge are imperative in the dental and medical profession. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and patients ultimately suffer the consequences; in extreme cases, they may even lose their lives. The cities of Canton, Cleveland and Columbus are well populated and have their fair share of malpractice lawsuits. JD.MD offers professional malpractice service with unbiased and reliable case evaluations, in the event your client is a victim of medical or dental malpractice. We aim to help your client receive the best compensation for his or her suffering.

Medical Malpractice in Ohio

Medical and dental malpractice cases in Ohio result from negligence. Deviations from acceptable standards of practice throughout the medical community are the culprit in dental and medical malpractice cases. Statistics, regarding unnecessary errors that result in injuries to patients, are disturbing. However, it can be difficult to win a medical or dental malpractice case in Ohio without professional help. Statistics revealed in 2009 by the Massachusetts General Hospital, established that the majority of U.S. doctors have faced a malpractice lawsuit in their professional careers. A highly-qualified malpractice specialist is necessary when pursuing a medical or dental malpractice lawsuit.

Health Care in Ohio

The population in the State of Ohio, including the cities of Canton, Cleveland, and Columbus, is steadily on the rise. There are approximately 37,000 physicians and dentists practicing in Ohio, and many of these doctors are guilty of negligence for medical malpractice or dental malpractice. Here are a few statistics, regarding the health care system in the state of Ohio:

  • Ohio is ranked 35th overall in State health status.
  • Ohio has seen a substantial increase in chronic illnesses, which calls for better healthcare and lower costs
  • Nearly 10 percent of adults in the state have diabetes;
  • 65.8 percent are either overweight or obese; and
  • 9.6 percent have had asthma.

JD.MD Offers Professional Services in Ohio

JD.MD is able to provide a wide range of case evaluation services due to the expertise of our medical specialist team. We offer an initial case evaluation, which discloses both the strengths and/or weaknesses of your malpractice case. In the event you decide to pursue a lawsuit, you can choose to utilize our medical expert witness service. JD.MD can give your case an advantage by offering a medical or dental malpractice specialist, who can evaluate your case or act as a witness. Once a decision has been made to proceed with a lawsuit, we offer the following services:

  • Expert medical analysis
  • Highly-qualified medical and dental malpractice specialists
  • Professional expert witness attorney services.

If you need support for your medical or dental malpractice case in Ohio, contact JD.MD today at 1-800-225-5363 for an initial case evaluation or an expert witness.