When medical or dental malpractice happens, victims and their loved ones are left to deal with suffering, pain, and even death in some cases. In areas like Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Cambridge, medical malpractice incidents are common. Malpractice cases occur when a medical professional makes an error, as a result of negligence.

If you are an attorney who is representing a medical malpractice victim, JD.MD is here to assist you. Our more than 35 years of experience in the field have prepared us to deal with a wide range of malpractice cases, including both medical and dental specialities. JD.MD will provide you with the resources you require to obtain the best possible compensation for your client. Our experts understand dental and medical malpractice in the state of Massachusetts and can guide you as you build your case and take it to trial.

Health Care in Massachusetts

Though most of the population of Massachusetts has some form of health care coverage, not all aspects of this state’s health care system are ideal, especially when you consider the following:

  • 3.8% of the state’s population has no health insurance
  • 1.2 million adults struggle with obesity
  • 16.4% of all adults in Massachusetts are smokers
  • 11% of the population does not have a personal health care provider

JD.MD Medical & Dental Malpractice Services in Massachusetts

JD.MD brings you a variety of medical and dental malpractice services to bolster your client’s case. We offer both initial case evaluation services and expert medical witness services to attorneys across Massachusetts. In order to be successful in pursuing a medical malpractice claim, you will need the opinion of a specialized medical or dental professional who can review your case and provide ongoing assistance.

Following your Comprehensive Screening Report, JD.MD can also provide you with ongoing expert services to support your meritorious case as you begin the legal process and even go to court. We offer:

  • Access to medical specialists
  • Access to dental specialists
  • Other expert witness attorney services

To find out more about our medical malpractice services, and to discover if your case has merit, contact JD.MD today at 1-800-225-5363.