When you entrust your health and care to a dental or medical professional, you expect that he or she has the knowledge, experience and training needed to perform their duties properly and conscientiously. Still, mistakes occur, and many patients are left suffering from the consequences of medical malpractice. Illness, serious injury, and even loss of life can occur as the result of an error made by a health care professional.

Across the state of Delaware, and in large cities like Wilmington, Newark and Dover, medical malpractice lawsuits are common. At JD.MD, we deliver the best initial case review and expert witness attorney services to attorneys in Delaware. We strive to give you all the resources you need to achieve a successful outcome for your client.

Medical Malpractice in Delaware

Instances of medical and dental malpractice in Delaware occur when a doctor is negligent. In fact, medical negligence causes more than 200,000 fatalities each year in the U.S., according to the American Medical Association. When a health care professional makes a mistake, performs the wrong operation, prescribes the wrong medication, or makes an incorrect diagnosis, it is the patient who must deal with the negative effects. The doctor may be held accountable for the injury, illness, or death caused as a result of his or her error.

If you believe your client has been injured by a medical malpractice, it is essential that you have the best possible team on your side to help prove your case. This is where JD.MD can help.

JD.MD Medical Malpractice Services in Delaware

If you are considering pursuing a medical or dental malpractice case, you should first seek an unbiased opinion to determine if your case has merit. At JD.MD, we offer an initial Comprehensive Screening Report, in which an unbiased medical or dental expert will evaluate your case and point out its strengths and/or weaknesses. Following your case review, you may opt for additional services from medical expert witnesses or dental expert witnesses, who can offer further support and even testify if your case does indeed go to trial. JD.MD is proud to offer the following services so you can achieve the maximum compensation for your client:

  • Medical expert analysis of your case
  • Specialty dental expert witnesses
  • Specialty medical expert witnesses
  • And many other services

Do you require medical experts and other resources to assist your medical or dental malpractice case in Delaware? Get in touch with JD.MD today at 1-800-225-5363 and get started with our initial case evaluation.