Instances of medical and dental malpractice typically result in suffering, pain, or even death for the individual affected. When a medical professional is negligent, the patient affected may choose to take legal action against them. At JD.MD, we can help lawyers of medical malpractice victims put together strong cases that will help them achieve the compensation they deserve. Our team of specialized medical and dental experts offers case review services, ongoing consultation, and expert witness services so you can present the best possible case. With more than 35 years of experience in assisting with medical malpractice cases and dental malpractice cases, we offer you the resources you need to support your Newfoundland malpractice case.

Medical Malpractice in Newfoundland

Approximately 40,000 fatalities occur each year across Canada as the direct result of a medical malpractice incident. It is important to note that this number only reflects the number of malpractice cases that are actually reported. In reality, this number is much larger, but countless instances of medical malpractice go unreported in Newfoundland’s communities like St. John’s, Mount Pearl and Corner Brook.

Cases of medical malpractice in the province often involve errors during surgery, incorrect diagnosis and treatment, hospital errors, birth injuries, and many other types of serious errors.

JD.MD Dental & Medical Malpractice Services in Newfoundland

We are pleased to offer our clients in Newfoundland a variety of medical malpractice case evaluation services in addition to both dental and medical expert witness services. Beginning with our Comprehensive Screening Report, our team of dental and medical reviewers will examine your case and point out its strengths and/or weaknesses. Additionally, we provide a host of other services to support your case throughout the legal process, including:

  • Medical expert witnesses
  • Dental expert witnesses
  • Expert witness arttorney services
  • Access to specialty medical and dental malpractice experts

Instances of medical and dental malpractice in Newfoundland require specialized dental or medical expert witness assistance. Increase your chance for success by contacting JD.MD. Call us now at 1-800-225-5363.